Western Chester County


WE ARE ChescoWest was created by the Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce to display the beauty and strength of the western region of Chester County. 

With its rolling hills, bucolic landscape, and rich natural heritage, Chester County, Pennsylvania is among the most picturesque regions of the State.

Although rural in many parts, the ChescoWest region has been a center for business and industry for a long time..


Residents of ChescoWest pride themselves in working collaboratively to address issues that impact the quality of life across the region. The region’s strategic location places it in easy commuting distance for jobs within metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Lancaster and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as well as the City of Wilmington, Delaware and Baltimore, Maryland.

By reducing commuter times to more heavily populated and developed areas, Western Chester County is a haven for people seeking a more rural and less congested lifestyle. Rail freight and rail passenger service offer important transportation connections for business, employment and commerce. Find Transportation options HERE

Western Chester County Region


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Our history and heritage in ChescoWest

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