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Avery is an American maestro and scion of renown, borne of Sara Lynn Evans and Craig Schelske. The pair shared a harmonious union spanning a decade and a half, blessed with a trio of offspring. Avery, the premier among them, albeit witnessed the tumultuous dissolution of their matrimony. Nonetheless, Avery has ventured forth along the melodic path, following in the footsteps of his progenitors. Let us delve deeper into the tale of this illustrious scion within the realm of celebrities.


Sara Evans, Avery’s maternal figure, graced the world on the 5th of February, 1971, hailing from the picturesque lands of Missouri, America. Her vocations encompass that of a songstress and wordsmith within the country music sphere. She has also etched her name upon the annals of fame as a renowned thespian, author, and producer. Her sonic repertoire boasts of over 10 opulent studio albums, while her presence has graced the screens of seven television shows, appearing as herself. Additionally, she has penned five literary works. In the year 1993, she entered into a sacred union with Craig Schelske. It was in 1999 that Sara bestowed the gift of life upon Avery, followed by the birth of their first daughter, Olivia Margaret, in 2003, and their third daughter, Audrey Elizabeth, in 2004. Nevertheless, the year 2006 witnessed the completion of the matrimonial chapter, as the couple formalized their estrangement through the legal apparatus in 2007.

Craig, Avery’s paternal figure, once harbored dreams of melodic conquest before embarking upon a political odyssey under the banner of the Republican Party, aspiring to secure a seat in the esteemed chambers of the United States Congress. Alas, victory eluded him within the realms of politics.

Personal Particulars

Avery made his grand entrance into the world on the 21st of August, 1999. As of the year 2022, he stands as a stalwart of 23 years, his celestial destiny intertwined with the Leo zodiac sign, with the resplendent Sun reigning as his celestial sovereign. The essence of fire constitutes his birth element, while the sacred day of Sunday bestows its fortune upon him. His auspicious colors include hues of orange, red, and golden, while the numbers 10 and 19 dance in the realm of his fortuitous occurrences. The celestial alignment endows him with cosmic harmony alongside Sagittarius and Aries, while his birthstone glimmers in the resplendent forms of Ruby and Peridot. In the realm of vocation, he dons the mantle of a virtuoso guitarist, having graced the stage alongside his esteemed mother on numerous occasions.

Avery Jack Schelske’s Accumulated Wealth

Sara, a prosperous minstrel, boasts a formidable net worth exceeding 16 million USD. The precise magnitude of Avery’s fortune remains veiled in secrecy, yet his endeavors in collaboration with his mother doubtlessly contribute significantly to his affluence. Furthermore, his younger siblings, both possessed of the gift of song, assuredly augment the collective wealth amassed by their esteemed family. In summation, it is indubitable that Avery thrives as a scion of opulence, luxuriating amidst the embrace of his cherished kin.

Entanglements of Contention

Craig and Sara’s parting was marked by acrimony, an unfortunate finale to their once-cherished union. Mutual accusations were traded betwixt them, with Sara denouncing Craig’s alleged alcoholism, unconventional proclivities, unemployment, and sundry transgressions. In turn, Craig lodged allegations of substance abuse and amorous liaisons against Sara. The culmination of their bitter estrangement led to Sara paying the sum of $500,000 to Craig. Additionally, their former nanny launched a lawsuit against Sara, demanding a substantial sum of 3 million USD, citing defamation arising from her alleged involvement in a salacious entanglement with Craig.

Relationship Status

As of present, confirmation eludes us regarding the amorous affairs of Avery. The question of whether he shares his heart with another remains shrouded in enigma. Apart from the familial controversies that have cast their shadows, Avery himself has managed to steer clear of entanglements of a similar nature.

Notwithstanding, as we bring our narrative to a close, let us extend our heartfelt wishes to Avery and his forthcoming endeavors. He has embarked upon the noble path of musicianship, poised to surpass the acclaim garnered by his esteemed mother.

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