Coatesville Growing Greater

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

The Wells Fargo Regional Foundation is contributing $500,000 toward the Coatesville Growing Greater Neighborhood Revitalization initiative!!

You might remember how we got here:

In 2016 the Coatesville Area Partners for Progress, the 2nd Century Alliance, and the Chester County Economic Development Council's Foundation teamed up to apply for a grant from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation in order to better understand the challenges City residents were facing in their neighborhoods.

We were successful in acquiring $100,000 for this effort and throughout 2016 and 2017, we conducted public meetings, stakeholder interviews, and more than 300 one-to-one resident surveys, all which unearthed four key focus areas:

Youth Empowerment, Public Safety,

Jobs & Economic Opportunity, and Resident Engagement

Task teams, comprised of Coatesville residents and topic professionals were then charged with developing creative strategies to improve conditions in these key topic areas.

With these strategies in place, we went back to the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation in application for an Implementation grant, which was awarded this week.

The funds, $500,000 distributed over the next five years, will support the hiring of a Community Coordinator who will work with City residents to implement the strategies laid out in the plan which can be found at

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